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5 Big Advantages of Market Insights Platforms

5 Big Advantages of Market Insights Platforms

[Originally posted on Linkedin, Fall 2021] 

As an independent research vendor/partner, I want to pass along my support for the growing list of marketers who are investing in market insights platform software.

Market insights platforms centralize market intel and distribute it to users through social media-like interfaces. Brand names include: Market Logic Software, Bloomfire, Stravito, & Sharpr.

What they do:

  1. Democratize information: Users log in to an intuitive home page with a search engine, a personalized news feed, etc. Easy for all! 
  1. Generate insights: AI and machine learning enable connecting the dots between disparate sources of data including reports, transcripts, consumer video, syndicated data & social listening. 
  1. Provide robust query capability: Searches return specific content from within posts and files - not just lists of relevant posts.
  1. Present insights in digestible bites: Researchers share insights via pre-formatted posts (like this). Goodbye PPT!
  1. Socialize insights: Posts can show view count, likes, comments, and interactive features like polls.
Bottom line: After reaching out to many experts and users, I believe this software is about to dramatically improve the MRX industry.