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Does Storybrand Consulting offer free consultations?

Yes. There is no charge for initial conversations about business situations and potential collaborations.

What are the hours of operation for Storybrand Consulting?

8am to 6pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday

Do potential clients need to prepare or decide anything, before contacting Storybrand Consulting for a consultation?

No. But a consultation will get off to a fast start if you're prepared to describe (a) your business model, (b) your top priorities, (c) what research topics you’d like to explore, (d) what target segment you’re considering researching and, lastly, (e) your timing.

What’s it like to work with Storybrand Consulting? Does the company have standards for client service interaction and communication?

Yes. We call this our Joint Accountabilities:

Storybrand Consulting accountability includes:

  • Adherence to agreed-upon deadlines
  • All administrative and office costs
  • Accessible to client contact as much as possible, with calls returned within 1 business day

Client accountability includes:

  • Access to participating individuals at mutually convenient times
  • Provision of all information having a bearing on the project
  • Payment according to mutually agreed upon terms

Joint accountabilities include:

  • We alert each other of anything we learn that may materially affect the success of the project (for example, key personnel departures)
  • We will respect each other’s confidentiality and proprietary materials and approaches
  • We will achieve reasonable accommodation for conflicts, unforeseen events, and other priorities.

If you have questions about the timing or costs of research projects, please contact us for a free consultation.

How long does it take to complete a typical Face-to-Face qualitative research project? 

3 Weeks is a ballpark estimate, assuming a 4-6 focus groups in 1 or 2 domestic markets and a 5-page report with executive summary. The biggest factors influencing timing are the:

  • Type of Participants: (the smaller the population segment, the more time is required to write a recruiting survey “screener" and recruit the participants. Usually, at least 7 full days is required after the screening has begun. Recruiters often prefer 10 days. Using a database of people with many of the required screening criteria - like demographic or behavioral characteristics- can lower this timing substantially.)
  • Time In The Field: Travel time, and the number /duration of sessions.
  • Scope and Format of Reporting: (1-page summaries can be completed within hours after the project is completed. An edited video reel integrated into a PowerPoint presentation with transcribed content may require up to a week to prepare.)

If you have questions about the timing or costs of research projects, please contact us for a free consultation.

How much do focus groups cost? 

The tactical costs of executing a focus group range from $5K to $10K. We break this down below.

But first it's important to recognize the importance of strategic thinking. In order to gain value from any research project, it's necessary to invest in staff or external consultants who can study a business situation, design the study, review the resulting market intelligence and deliver strategic advice.

Most focus group projects require (a) hiring a professional moderator / research company, (b) recruiting and incentivizing participants to attend, and (c) using a focus group facility. Here’s how those costs break down:

Facility Rental: $750+
Recruitment: $1,000-$2,000+
Incentives: $1,000-$2,500+
Moderating: $1,250+
Reporting: $1,000+  

The biggest cost drivers are the number of groups and the type of participants (teenagers are far less expensive than physicians).

If you have questions about strategic thinking or qualitative research, please contact us for a free consultation.