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3 Keys to Great Testimonial Advertising

3 Keys to Great Testimonial Advertising

[Originally posted on Linkedin, Fall 2020]

What defines an outstanding customer testimonial?

If you routinely gather qualitative customer feedback, you know that a positive story is often surprisingly motivating and instructive.  Should you retell the story in your marketing?

Here are 3 requirements:

1.) Creative Problem Solving
The essence of great storytelling is when characters do the unexpected to resolve conflict with an opponent. People are instinctively drawn to the *surprise* of creative brilliance in stories.

So, your most powerful testimonial will show how the creative thinking behind your product or service helped your customer conquer a substantial problem.

2.) On-brand
Every customer testimonial you retell needs to reinforce your value prop. A testimonial story about great service is always helpful but it’s going to have more impact for Southwest than Porsche. This point seems obvious until your favorite story is actually off-strategy.

3.) Easy to visualize
Stories are about people, places, things & actions. Visual is emotional and memorable. A testimonial about a new pricing structure is not as visual as experiencing a new product or service behaviors.